Participants in Photosynthesis

Organelles specialized for photosynthesis are called

Organelles specialized for photosynthesis are called chloroplasts.

Steps in photosynthesis

Photosynthesis can be divided into these two steps

Photosynthesis takes place in chloroplasts and can be divided into two steps: light reactions which require light and dark reactions which do not require light.

Sunlight energy

Sunlight energy is converted to chemical energy in cells of which type?

Convertion of sunlight energy is the process of photosynthesis in phototrophic organisms.

Chemoautotrophic nutrition

The ability to achieve chemoautotrophic nutrition is a characteristic of

Animals and fungi are heterotrophic organisms, plants are autotrophs, some bacteria could be chemoautotrophs.


Which of the following is a characteristic of chemosynthesis, and not photosynthesis?

In the process of photosynthesis the energy of sunlight is used, and chemosynthesis uses the energy of the decomposition (oxidation) of inorganic substances.
Answers 1 and 4 show the similarity of photosynthesis and chemosynthesis.

autotrophic organisms

Autotrophic organisms include

Autotrophs are plants. Of the above organisms there is a single plant, chlorella. The other organisms are fungi, which are heterotrophs.

The light phase

The light phase of photosynthesis occurs in the membranes of

Photosynthesis occurs only in chloroplasts, the inner membrane of which contains integrated chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the main ingredient for photosynthesis, so the light-dependent reactions take place on the verge of chloroplasts.

Photolysis of water

Photolysis of water occurs in

Photolysis of water occurs in the chloroplasts in the light phase of photosynthesis.

decomposition of water

The process of decomposition of water in the cells of plants exposed to sunlight is called

Water decomposition by light in the chloroplasts is called photolysis. It occurs in the light phase of photosynthesis.

First photosynthesis

Photosynthesis first arose in

Photosynthesis first arose in cyanobacteria.