Which of the following is the most common way to correct nearsightedness?

Nearsighted people see images of objects that are not formed on the retina, but in front of it, so it appears to be blurred, indistinct. This happens because the their eyeballs are elongated. Consequently nearsighted people can clearly see only the objects that are close to the eyes. To correct myopia we use glasses with biconcave lenses.


Which of the following a diabetic should eat with great care?

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease characterized by a disorder of metabolism of all kinds, especially carbohydrates, due to absolute or relative (usually) insufficiency in the organism of pancreatic hormone - insulin.
Of these products the most carbohydrates could be found in fruit juice.


Human hyperopia is corrected in most cases by means of

Farsighted people have "flattened" eyeballs so the image of the object appears behind the retina, which also leads to a fuzzy vision. Farsighted people wear glasses with a lenticular lens.

infectious diseases

When people have an infectious diseases, they increase the rate of consumption of vitamin C. Why?

Vitamin C is important for growth and repair of tissue cells, gums, blood vessels, bones and teeth. It promotes the absorption of iron by the body, enhances immunity, speeds recovery.

acetic acid

In which case people use a washing wounds with a 1% solution of acetic acid?

When alkali or acid contacts with skin it is necessary to:
- Remove clothing soaked in the chemical;
- Wash skin with running water;
- Rinse the damaged area (with alkali burns - 1-2% solution of acetic acid, acid burns - 2% solution of baking soda);
- Give the victim an anesthetic and send it to the hospital.


If frostbite of lower extremities, it is necessary to

When peple get frostbitten, the entire body is often supercooled. Therefore, first aid is the rapid resumption of blood flow and warming of the victim.

Compression of the chest

For what purpose the rescuer presses rhythmically palms of the hands on the lower half of the sternum of the victim?

Compression of the chest (chest compressions) is conducted in order to maintain blood circulation to restore the heart rhythm.


For the diagnosis of which disease the meter is used?

Meter is a device for measuring the glucose level in organic fluids (such as blood).

working in the garden

Breach of integrity of the skin when working in the garden is dangerous because

Tetanus is an infectious disease that affects the nervous system. Tetanus bacteria are everywhere: they are often found in soil, dust and manure.

tobacco smoking

What consequences tobacco smoking may lead to?

Smoking leads to marked changes in the internal organs; most often affects the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract.

lung injury

In the case of lung injury in the first place you need to

When there are penetrating wounds of chest inhalation air enters and exits the cell through the wound, that greatly aggravates the general state of the wounded. So to prevent further flow of air into the pleural cavity, the wound must be closed hermetically. To do this, a rubberized shell from individual dressing package and cotton-gauze pads are applied, and then the chest is tightly taped up.


What is the reason of myopia in humans?

Myopia is a vision defect, in which the image is formed not on the retina, but in front of it. The most common cause is the increasing in length eyeball, resulting in the retina is located behind the focal plane. The development of myopia also contributes to the weakening of the eye muscles.


What should be done if a man has a dislocation?

Dislocation of the joint is stepping of the articular bone of the joint cavity with concomitant damage to the joint capsule and ligaments. The main objective of the first aid is to immobilize the damaged joint without changing its position. And in any case do not try to straighten a dislocated joint by yourself! One should give the victim analgin or other analgesic and apply the cold to the joint. Wait for the ambulance.

Food poisoning

What one should do in the case of food poisoning?

At the first sign of food poisoning (nausea, feeling of heaviness, retching, slight fever) it is recommended to wash the stomach with boiled water or a weak solution of potassium permanganate, to induce vomiting and cleanse the digestive tract of toxins.


For the treatment of what type of disorders of the musculoskeletal system of the human doctor will suggest the patient to use the insoles?

Flatfoot is the change of the shape of the foot, characterized by its omission of the longitudinal and transverse arches. In marked flatfoot it is recommend to use insoles with arch modeling orthopedic shoes.


What one should do in the case of poisoning poisonous mushrooms?

First aid for mushroom poisoning:
At any rate, even light, mushroom poisoning should be immediately seek for medical attention, or you should deliver the victim to the hospital. Before arrival of the doctor patient must be clearing the stomach. Then you should put him in the bed and put a heating pad on the stomach.

liver cells

The degeneration of the liver cells into fatty tissue under the influence of alcohol leads to

Due to the passage of whole blood from the digestive tract through the liver the toxic breakdown products of proteins and toxic compounds formed in the intestines as a result of microbial activity after absorption go to the liver and are neutralized in it. When regeneration of liver cells in adipose tissue there is a reduction of the liver function for the disposal of toxic substances.


If blood flows from the wound by the pulsating jet and has a bright red color, bleeding is

Arterial blood. Blood flows by a jet fountain. Blood has red color, bright. First aid should start with the clamping of the vessel above the injury site. Then impose a tourniquet.


What needs to be done to free the airways of the victim of the water?

When drowning first aid is to extract the victim from the water. In wet drowning is necessary to remove water from the airway of the victim. To do this, put it on bent knee and pat on the back. Then, if there is no pulse, immediately proceed to chest compressions and rescue breathing.

acid burn

By the solution of which substance can be treated the acid burns on the skin after washing with water?

When skin alkali or acid burn it is necessary to:
- Remove clothing soaked in the chemical;
- Wash skin with running water;
- Rinse the damaged area (with alkali burns - 1-2% solution of acetic acid, acid burns - 2% solution of baking soda);
- Give the victim an anesthetic and send him to the hospital.

blood 2

The blood flows from the wound by gushing pulsating jet. You can stop it by imposing

These are signs of arterial bleeding. First aid should start with the clamping of the vessel above the injury site. Further you shoul apply a tourniquet, which is left out on a limb for a maximum of 1 hour.

blood 4

What is the bleeding in which the blood is released from the entire surface of the wound?

Capillary bleeding. This type of bleeding occurs with injury of the smallest blood vessels located in the mucous membranes, muscle tissue, skin. Signs of bleeding from the capillaries are the dark red color of blood, the blood outflow of a small stream (if superficial cuts) or even discharge of blood across the surface of the wound (with scratches).


What measures must be applied in penetrating wounds of the chest?

With this injury to the lungs enters the air - this leads to a strong contraction of the lung. Therefore, you must immediately seal the hole using adhesive tape. Next task - to stop bleeding using a pressure bandage.


Which of the following is transmitted sexually?

Sexually transmitted only gonorrhea and syphilis, because these are sexually transmitted diseases.

lung injury 2

First step of first aid in the case of lung injury is

First step of first aid in the case of lung injury is

In the case of lung injury in the first place you need to tightly secure the chest on the exhalation. In such cases, the pleura may be damaged, so the chest wound must be sealed, you should check thar there is no lung compression.