Population and the environment 1

Correctly match the statement  about Urban heat Island.

Precipitation >>5-15% more in urban areas
Temperature >>can be up to 5 degrees warmer in urban areas
Thunderstorms >>25% greater chance of thunder storms
Population and the environment 2

Case study. Correctly match the true statements about Cyclone Orissa in North East India.

Population and the environment 3

Correctly match the true examples of global warming.

Global warming examples:
  1. The UN estimate that average temperatures will rise by 3.5˚by 2100
  2. Over  650,000 years CO2 levels have never reached 300 parts per million
  3. More precipitation in fewer days>>37 inches of rain in 24 hours Mumbai India 2005
  4. Artic ice cap diminished by 40% in 40 years
  5. If Greenland melted it would raise the sea levels by 20ft
  6. Himalayas provides water for 40% of the world but if it melts there will be major water shortages
  7. February 2000 the Japanese paid the government of New South Wales in Australia £50 million to plant over 40,000 hectares of trees in 20 years
Population and the environment 4

What year was signed a climate change protocol in Kyoto?

The Kyoto Protocol was adopted in Kyoto, Japan, on 11 December 1997 and entered into force on 16 February 2005. The detailed rules for the implementation of the Protocol were adopted at COP 7 in Marrakesh, Morocco, in 2001, and are referred to as the "Marrakesh Accords." Its first commitment period started in 2008 and ended in 2012.

Population and the environment 5

What city was help the Earth Summit in 1992?

The Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro was unprecedented for a UN conference, in terms of both its size and the scope of its concerns. Twenty years after the first global environment conference, the UN sought to help Governments rethink economic development and find ways to halt the destruction of irreplaceable natural resources and pollution of the planet. Hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life were drawn into the Rio process. They persuaded their leaders to go to Rio and join other nations in making the difficult decisions needed to ensure a healthy planet for generations to come.

Population and the environment 6

Correctly match the impacts of the Great Storm.


•18 people died in England and 4 in Northern France
•150,000 homes lost their telephone connections
•Several hundred thousand people were without power for 24 hours

Economic :

•Shanklin  pier in the Isle of Wight was destroyed
•Insurance claims totalled £1.4 billion
•Gatwick airport closed and thousands of boats were wrecked


•15 million trees were blown down
•Some areas lost 97% of their trees affecting ecosystems

Responses and Management:
•Phone companies and electricity boards worked round the clock to resume normal service
•Highway agencies began to clear roads and railways
•Forestry workers collected fallen trees as 4 million m³ of timber needed to be recovered
•The Forestry Commission established the Forest Windblown Action Committee to help advise people on how to recover fallen trees
•The Met Office were criticised  as severe weather warnings were only given 3 hours before the storm hit
•The government has now established a national severe weather warnings system
•There was no prior warning given to the CGB the current power suppliers at the time
•The UK only had 8 stations for aerial monitoring which was not enough
Population and the environment 7

Correctly match the term and definition: _________ - a tax on energy used by industy, commerce and the public sector

Climate Change Levy - a tax on energy used by industy, commerce and the public sector.

Population and the environment 8

What year the "Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocol" was adopted?

In Doha, Qatar, on 8 December 2012, the "Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocol" was adopted. The amendment includes:

  • New commitments for Annex I Parties to the Kyoto Protocol who agreed to take on commitments in a second commitment period from 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2020;
  • A revised list of greenhouse gases (GHG) to be reported on by Parties in the second commitment period; and
  • Amendments to several articles of the Kyoto Protocol which specifically referenced issues pertaining to the first commitment period and which needed to be updated for the second commitment period.
Population and the environment 9

Correctly match the term and definition of the National Response in the UK:

_________ - sponsored and designed to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from fertilisers

  • Carbon Trust - granted £65million over 5 years to provide small loans for small businesses investing in improved energy efficiency
  • Scotland Woodland Creation - sponsored and designed to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from fertilisers
  • Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Act 2006 - Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs ha to report annuallu on levels of emissions of greenhouse gases
  • Climate Change Bill 2008 - setting ambitious targets for reduction in emissions;ual review of initial targets set by the independant committee on Climate Change; Creation of 5-year carbon budget and creation of 5-year carbon budgets
Population and the environment 10

What year was the Climate Change Programme setted in the UK?

Climate Change Programme(2006):

  • Building regulations tightened so more insulation
  • Vehicle exercise duty and company car tax changed so finical benefits come with low carbon cars