Mathematics – is an ancient science, without which it is not possible to imagine a modern world. The understanding of a counting concept, on which mathematics is based was born and the dawn of civilization in the Upper Palaeolithic. The next references to mathematics appear in ancient Egypt, where it was used by astronomers, sailors and builders, as well as in Babel and ancient Greece, where in VI – V centuries B.C. an independent position of mathematics as a science emerged.

Briefly mathematics can be categorised as a science about numbers and figures. Its name originated from Greek máthëmascience. Mathematics has developed for a long period of time, and this fundamental subject is being studied until this day. In this case A level math test offers to apprehend online all basic historical area of mathematics included in exam maths A level.

In the beginning of the development of math researchers worked with primitive operations and numbers – arithmetic, from which gradually grows a theory of number, and algebra of course. Later, due to works of ancient Greeks, who systemized all previously accumulated knowledge, appeared Euclidean geometry. Much later in XVII and XVIII centuries forward goes a principle of function, which played a role as a main and independent subject for studies. Research of function lead to main understanding of mathematical analysis: derivative, differential, integral. Creation of analytic geometry, in its turn, allowed substantial broadening the subject of geometrical studies thankfully to the method of coordinate of Rene Descartes. In the middle of the second millennium there was a rapid leap in the development of all areas of mathematics: infinitesimal analysis, numbers theory and other topics that have led to the introduction of concepts such as power series, sequences, logarithms, and many others.

It would seem that a student can master all the knowledge required to pass math exams, which was accumulated by humans for thousands of years for such a short term? However today, humans do not have to invent a bicycle – to explain mathematical laws – it enough to read books containing key information for the knowledge that was accumulated for centuries. And for control of your knowledge on the website you will find unique tests, required to receive GCEA level mathematics which will help to prepare online exams absolutely free.

In maths section you will find all required knowledge that will help you to prepare to the final attestation of the various levels. You can test your knowledge in any certain topic, or to pass a whole test. Main areas of mathematics, which you can find on our website, are:

  1. Algebra
  2. Linear algebra and geometry
  3. Trigonometry
  4. Differential and integral Equations
  5. Vectors and matrix algebra, and some other

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