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2014.06 AQA Past Paper Art & Design
Advanced Subsidiary AS
Advanced Level A2
2013.06 AQA Past Paper Art & Design
Advanced Subsidiary AS
Advanced Level A2
2 3

Art – is a way of understanding the world and a process of its expression in an artistic image. This understanding is truly widely known: if earlier art was considered as a man’s satisfaction of love to wonderful, then as a result of the development of the social norms of art, it started to be named any activity that lead to artistically valuable result. From a society’s point of view, art is an activity of a social conscience and a part of a spiritual culture.

The definition of art is a subject of never ending debates. More common is its understanding as a “skill” or “craft”. And in this case as an art subject can be named any object created during the development process of a meaningful composition. In Art & Design section you can master all main aspects of art online.

In primitive society, art has emerged as a way to solve labor problems. The ancient works, for example, necklaces made of shells are referred to 75 millennium B.C. Primitive art blossomed around 40 thousand years ago. It appeared as an extension to games and rituals, and often reflected the mythological ideas of various nationalities. Antique art was based on the specialties of certain civilizations, their geography, politics and social norms. In the middle Ages, main motives for art were religious concepts, while at the same time other types of art have flourished - architecture, decoration, sculpture, stone carving, bronze sculpture, ceramics and others.

Western Renaissance upheld the values of the material world and humanity, and in the epoch of Enlightenment masters reflected the physical and rational components of the universe. The twentieth century gave rise to an abundance of conflicting visual capabilities and standards of beauty: impressionism, expressionism, surrealism, and many others. After that the globalization has caused a fusion of cultures of different nations.

A great number of directions, wide temporal coverage and the relationship of art with main political and social events of states where it developed - it is difficult process grasping the main points of this section. And to check how successfully you have prepared to exam is possible on our website, with the help of unique tests that are absolute free.

The Arts and Design section is dedicated to the most diverse tasks, drawn up on the basis of all areas of artistic activity. By using these materials you will be able to prepare to final attestations of various levels. The content of the website provides an opportunity to make a revision of exam questions as for certain topics, as well as for the subject as a whole. Main sections of art/design, which you can find on our website, are:

  1. Visual Arts
  2. Arts, crafts and design
  3. Graphic Communications
  4. Textile design
  5. 3D design

Thus, you can not only check but also to consolidate the acquired knowledge, successfully pass the exams and get GCSE A level art/design with honors and be admitted to university.