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Chemistry as a science started to develop on the dawn of the human era, because people always in one or another way dealt with various substances. The first synthesized substances were drugs, poisons and colorants. Many crafts, such as metallurgy and pottery, have reached high levels of development before our era, by actively using knowledge of chemistry.

A chemical theory started to develop in ancient Greece. It has served as the beginning of the atomic structure of matter theory, which states that everything is made from molecules, and molecules are composed of indivisible atoms. To Europeans this science came from Arabs, and was called "alchemy". Gold was the main interests of the alchemists of that time, and the demand for gold was stimulated by the dominant estate. Thus spread the false science that studied the possibility of converting other metals into gold. Despite the utopian ultimate goal, its use was to develop methods of processing metals. Alchemists have learned to isolate and purify primary substances. Only in the 16th century chemistry made a great step forward, approaching the modern concepts. This was due to the need of pharmacology. Chemistry emerged as an independent discipline only in the 17th century after a series of scientific discoveries that confirmed the mechanistic picture of the world.

Modern chemistry is a very vast area of natural sciences, and probably it is not even science, but a system of sciences. Many of its areas are independent scientific disciplines. Chemistry is divided into organic and inorganic. Physical chemistry is dedicated to causes and common physical laws of chemical phenomena. It includes such areas as quantum chemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics and others. Analytic chemistry is also a separate discipline of chemistry. Connected to other areas of scientific knowledge of science are biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, agricultural chemistry, bioorganic chemistry and others. It this section you can prepare to exam using the help of AQA chemistry past papers.

For successful understadning of the subject it is receommenden to familiarize with basic concepts (atom, molecule, substance, metals and non-metals, a chemical element, simple and complex substances, ion, radical, periodic law), to explore the range of chemical compounds, to understand the mechanisms of chemical reactions and their physical bases , learn how to solve calculation problems. All of these items are included in AQA chemistry and you can deal with them by completing chemistry test from AQA past papers.

Main sections, included in AQA chemistry A2 level and AS level:   

  •     Foundation Chemistry   
  •     Chemistry in Action   
  •     Externally Marked Practical Assignment   
  •     Kinetics, Equilibria and Organic Chemistry   
  •     Energetics, Redox and Inorganic Chemistry   
  •     Externally Marked Practical Assignment

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