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Edexcel past papers
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A-level: Exam Past Papers (GCSE) and revision

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It in a most complete way provides distant learning and communication with students. Due to convenient website navigation, it is simple to find all information about a part of knowledge that interests you the most. It’s commission of experts was the first one that allowed school representatives to send out results via e-mail.


Edexcel past papers


Past Exam Papers, grade boundaries, mark schemes and model answers.

In order to successfully pass exams, it is essential to systematically improve one’s knowledge. We have selected a list of rules that will ensure the successful examination results.

  • Rule 1: Use a textbook after each class. This is the most effective way to memorize information. Right after you have studied one topic during a lesson, revise the material after some time by addressing the textbook, as well as read notes that you made during class.
  • Rule 2: Use questions from the previous year’s exams. Such questions can help a lot! On our website you will find tests in past papers section, print out one that relate to the most important topics. It is not required to print out previous year’s entire test, but only the questions that require to be worked on.
  • Rule 3: During work on questions take breaks. Do not try to learn all information during a day. Take breaks and relax! Arrange learning sessions during an hour or two daily or once in two day with a necessary amount of food and water.
  • Rule 4: As soon as you have learned a certain topic, refresh your knowledge on the previous one. It’s not required to revise one topic over and over again. If previous topics will not be revised, then you will hardly remember them. The more you revise, the better you apprehend the material.
  • Rule 5: Then train passing whole tests for the previous years. Print out last year’s tests on your subject from our website and make an improvised exam. Ask someone to check your test and evaluate it. And then take a look at your mistakes and train further in order to correct them.