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Today business has reached a new level, compared to the times our ancestors lived in. Nowadays creating a business is easy for everyone, it’s only important to have a will. Bright examples of successful entrepreneurs are: Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Ma. All these people have had an uneasy road on the way to becoming legends, without giving up on their idea.

Business as a subjects, as a rule, means good analytical skills, qualitative and quantitative thinking, ability to analyze political and economic situations, and to make decisions based on findings.

After studying on A level business program students have to pass Edexcel GCSE business exam, which included question on the following topics:

  1. Business planning and financing– this area studies main principles, thesises, conditions and strategies of business;
  2. Business management – this area covers marketing and management basics, work with personnel, ways, strategies and types of businesses.
  3. Success strategy – this area describes real situations of successful and unsuccessful business and factors influencing the outcome.
  4. Business environment and work with its changes – the area deals with real life cases of business models and business structuring, based on studied materieal of the course, this block includes many written assignments.

The term „business” is of English origin and symbolizes matter, activity and occupation. However, it is impossible to give one ambigous definition of the term „business”. In most books, written at different times for different countries, it has different definitions with different essential features. Alan Hosking, a British professor in an enterpreneurship book defines business as „activity carried out by individuals or organizations for extraction of natural production goods or services in exchange for other goods, services or money, which leads to mutual benefit of interested individuals or organizations”.

The American scientis and professor Robert Hizrich defines „enterpreneurship and a process of creation of something new, something that has value, but an enterpreneur as an individual, who spends all the time and effort required, takes on all financial, psychological and social risk, and as a prize receives money and satisfaction for achieved”.

During the course of business activities are created new goods and services, markets, technology, changing forms of organization and the business itself, and the conditions of reproduction of all other economic actors. Under the business impact the whole economic, social and even legal structure of society are being changed.

Pearson Edexcel A level business course is meant for students,  willing to set up their own business, or to work in this sphere. This is one of program qualifications presented by Pearson.

Edexcel A level business course will allow students to receive full understanding about business, to critically assess organizations and their abilities, to obtain a number of actual business or other usefull skills and many more. The examination commitee encourages active reading and studying of topics. During exam preparation and studies, our section with Edexcel business past papers will help students. It includes high number of previous years works. Reading of actual articles and books on business and entrepreneurship will allow your to reach a new personal level. And completing Edexcel GCSE business studies past papers will help you to eveluate your knowledge and abilities!