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2013.06 Edexcel Past Paper Chemistry
Advanced Subsidiary AS
Advanced Level A2
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Among all other sciences chemistry has a special place. It allows humans to extract metals from ores and minerals, various substances from natural raw materials; it produces hundreds of thousands of substances with important characteristics that are not even met in nature. It transforms oil into rubber, gasoline, gas into fabric, coal into perfumes and colorants, and drug substances. Chemistry feeds clothes and shoes us, and finally provides benefits, without which it would be unthinkable how the modern society would exist.

Chemistry is the basis of everything, because all consists of atoms, molecules and substances. Physics studies the components of chemistry from the laws of physics points of view. Biology studies life of organisms, which consists of chemical elements.

The history of chemistry is very vast. Even in ancient time humans noticed that substances can change, transform into to other substances with new characteristics. Bonfire was the first chemistry laboratory that was used by humans. After firing clay on fire it became solid, making it possible to produce simple dishes. By using fire humans learned how to cook food from meat of animals and plants of the world. Here, by accident, humans have also got their first materials – copper, tin, lead, as well as glass, from it would seem the simplest of stones. This way, as we now say, have appeared the first chemical crafts - pottery and metallurgy.

Chemistry has a very long story, but one thing important is that chemistry is also actively developing nowadays, surprising people who are close to this science, it encourages all interested ones and who are willing to make new discoveries into its ranks.

Chemistry is mostly selected by students, who plan to receive education on such faculties as Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Faculty of Chemistry. And Edexcell chemistry exam is also necessary to pass to those who want to enter areas related to medicine.

Edexcel chemistry past papers are intended to assist students on their way to achieve their goals. Chemistry is not a simple science; A level chemistry exam includes such disciplines as:

  1. Physical chemistry: structure of atoms and molecules, the equilibrium state of a substance and the chemical energy and reaction kinetics;
  2. Inorganic chemistry: periodic table of chemical elements, elements with variable valence;
  3. Organic Chemistry: structural formulas, optical isomers, hydrocarbons and carbonyl compounds, organic acids and derivatives thereof.

Regular completion of such Edexcel chemistry IGCSE past papers tests will introduce student to test format, typical problems, as well as to specific requirements needed for their completion. By systematically completing chemistry Edexcel past papers tests you will improve you chances to receive a good grade, and in the future to work in the world’s leading laboratories by doing things that you are interested in.