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2009.06 Edexcel Past Paper English Language
Advanced Subsidiary AS
2009.01 Edexcel Past Paper English Language
Advanced Subsidiary AS

English language appeared in the early Middle Ages, as the language of the Germanic tribes that invaded the Celts inhabited Britain after the departure from Romans. English was the mother language of the majority of the UK population, and then, with the growth of the territorial possessions of the British Empire, it has spread to Asia, Africa, North America and Australia. Even after independence, most of the former British colonies kept English language as the mother tongue for the majority of the population, or as one of the official languages.

English is very important language for international communications, sales and business, what is explained by colonial politics of the British Empire in XIX century and worldwide influence of the United States of America nowadays.

English language belongs to the Germanic language group. Compared to languages ​​such as Chinese and Arabic, English may seem simple. However, this is not quite true. When a student begins to learn English in depth, it opens more and more new facts about the history, grammar and spelling of the language. In edexcel (pearson) English exam are provided real-life situations in works, that address all aspects of the language, as well as the work developed and evaluated by an experienced team of British independent expert examination of the largest unions in the UK - Edexcel.

Here are the goals that the commission requests from the student who wants to pass Edexcel GCSE English exam:

  • Development and application of methods of analysis and study of language;
  • The study of various linguistic techniques;
  • Creative and critical understanding of the English language;
  • Development of translation skills.

The biggest part of the course is given over to the study of how language varies depending on the context, theme and audience as well as the language changes from the 1550h to the present day. Another component of the study focuses on learning English by kids. And the last thing is a term paper. It should contain about 2500-3000 words, written in the context of the themes and material, which served as a basis that should be carefully analyzed and clearly laid out.

Students often use Edexcel English language past papers to prepare for exams. Most of the time students prepare outside the classroom. A large number of Edexcel English past papers in this section is to help to prepare for exams, without wasting time searching for different versions of past papers.

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