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2014.01 Edexcel Past Paper English Literature
Advanced Level A2
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2009.06 Edexcel Past Paper English Literature
Advanced Subsidiary AS
2009.01 Edexcel Past Paper English Literature
Advanced Subsidiary AS

English literature is not only literature presented by English writers, but a literature from all parts of Great Britain that includes: Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is known that English language has more words than any other language in the world. As a result there are many words with barely seen differences in their meaning. This multitude of words was masterfully used by English writers, while some of them even took on a responsibility of creating new words, and one of those writers was W. Shakespeare.

English literature - a centuries-old history, with brilliant writers, memorable works reflecting the peculiarities of the national character. We grow up with books of those authors, learn and develop with their help. It is impossible to convey the value of British writers and their contribution to world literature. It is hard to imagine our world without works of Shakespeare, Wilde and many other authors. English literature is divided into periods, in each of which lived and worked writers and poets, in works of which one or other events or facts from the country’s history were reflected.

During the preparation process, students will learn to write literary essays. Writing essays in English - is one of the most important skills in GCSE English Literature exam.

The use of Edexcel IGCSE English literature past papers containing works of previous years during the educational process ensures the best results. Students learning on such system arrive to exams prepared and calm, because they have more than once carried out practically the same problem and know how to do it. The works created by the Edexcel examination board are available to any interested person. Edexcel English literature past papers will help you to pass the exam with A*!

During English Literature course students study drama, prose and poetry. In evaluating the works into account is taken the context in which social and cultural orientation they were written. Attention is given to the discussion of the nature, the use of special subjects and literary techniques.

To get an A* grade a student has to:

  1. Learn to understand the text as a whole, to capture its meaning, so to say, to understand poems, novels and plays from the inside;
  2. Learn to use a specific method of preparing a response. These methods are practiced with the teacher and the students choose what is closer to them;
  3. Learn value of time. Exam has a limited duration, and it is limited rather strictly. At this moment it is important to pay attention and practice writing with speed that will definitely help not to worry about it during exam.

And the most important – always practice with Edexcel English literature past papers, due to which you will improve you level and receive a good grade!