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Modern people often meet such terms as „sociology”, „survey”, „opinion”, „social status” and etc. Correspondents from radio, newspapers, and television and news sites regularly report on various issues of public opinion polls. Sociological services of a president, parliament and various research centres studying public opinion, the pricing policy problems, satisfaction with the level of life, people's attitude to the dollar, etc. In cities across the country were conducted case studies in order to ascertain the views on the work of transport and services, to determine the level of social tension, etc.

Edexcel general studies course includes four sections that are studied by students during two years in school and mandatory homework with Edexcel general studies past papers. This course, in fact, considers the social relations and life in society, as well as the influence of society on the different spheres of human life.

The first section explores the problems of society, whether they technological, scientific or moral. It examines issues such as nuclear energy, genetics, climate change and global warming, and poses the question: "what is the role of society in these matters?” In Section 2, students study the behaviour of man in society and question: what influences their behaviour and where human values and opinions come from. We consider the problems of tourism, new communication systems, the effects of media and blogging. The third section explains a change and progress in different fields of human society: art, science and technology. The problems of education, industrialization, employment, changes in male and female roles, problems of equality, migration and human rights. The fourth section deals with the topic of association of values and beliefs, the development of society as a means of controlling the behaviour of individuals and groups. The problems of religious beliefs, social norms, antisocial behaviour and deviations are studied here.

In Edexcel course of general studies are evaluated essay writing skills, understanding of language and awareness of current events. This subject is selected by students who wish to supplement their subjects with another discipline. For example such course is often chosen by future biologists and historians. Edexcel past papers general studies helps to understand the structure of the exam, practice in dealing with tests and writing essays.

Knowledge about society more and more penetrates into the various sectors of the population, which contributes to the systematic study of the problems involved in secondary and in higher education. The course of general studies is very important for the overall development of students, and awareness of self and society in our world.