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Geography is the oldest area of human knowledge. It emerged many centuries ago and earlier than for example physics, chemistry, biology or other sciences.

Today geography is an understanding of natural and social processes and events, in addition, knowledge how to foresee them. In modern geographical research on already known territories scientists make new and sometimes astonishing discoveries. However, this is not a discovery of new objects, but a discovery of geographical patterns in nature and society.

Geographical sciences have always had a practical purpose. In the past, they supplied mainly background information to the society. Now the practical role of geography is defined, first and foremost, by its participation in solving interaction problems between nature and society. The aggravation of these problems proves that geographical research has to have a preceding character. Proceeding of all type of geographical research in development and approval of any objects is especially important when the human intervention into nature may have global consequences.

Pearson Edexcel GCSE geography is designed for schools and colleges. The course is a part of the GCSE qualifications provided by Edexcel. Geography course consists of four parts. It allows application of flexible methods of teaching, according to which students can complete a unit and proceed to study another part of the course. The important part of studying is getting to know Edexcel geography past papers.

Practical work of this course is in the part that contains tasks for grade. More detailed information on this part can be found in Geography Edexcel past papers. Practice ensures more structural approach to internal evaluation system. Assignments have to be selected from a list, prepared by Edexcel, but educational institutions may adapt them to their own.

The course provides students with the following opportunities:

  • To receive knowledge and understanding of geography and to evaluate its meaning
  •  To obtain geographic knowledge and understanding of the importance of the spatial arrangement of settlements and the environment from local to global;
  • To explore the diversity and similarity of the human world, depending on the environment, social class and culture;
  • To apply received knowledge to practice through practical work and extra-curricular assignments;
  • Use the acquired skills, appropriate technologies, conduct research and analysis.

The summary of the course is a completion of A level geography exam.  Besides active work in school, frequent and systematic preparation is required during hours outside of school. Edexcel past papers geography are designed to help students during preparation to uneasy exam. Due to geography past papers Edexcel student will not stress as much as they do before exam, because they will know its structure and typical assignments. Systematic work with Edexcel GCSE geography past papers is your key to success!