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2009.06 Edexcel Past Paper Government and Politics
Advanced Subsidiary AS
2009.01 Edexcel Past Paper Government and Politics
Advanced Subsidiary AS

Politics is an extremely complex area of human relations. One of its most important tasks is the management of society, taking into account the interests of various social subjects.

Politics is widespread thanks to the work of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. He viewed politics as a form of communication for families and generations for good and happy life. At present, this term is often referred to various kinds of influences and leaderships. It is what is said about politics of the presidents, parties, companies, editorial, educational institution, teacher, leader and members of any groups.

In the broadest sense, the politics is interpreted only as activities for people living together in a society, as a necessary and useful in this regard, stewardship. Political relations - as a system of relations between people, which arise and develop based on the organization and functionality of the government.

The integral part of politics is a government. Government is the main institution of political system in society that organizes, directs, and controls common activities and relations between humans, social groups, classes and associations. Governments have emerged as a result of the division of social labor, emergence of private property and education of the social classes.

If you wish to rule in the city or country and you have all required qualities to do it, then government and politics Edexcel course will become your best guide into the world of politics.

Edexcel government and politics course consists of four units.

Unit 1: People and Politics. In this section students will learn key relation between government and people. The unit asks to evaluate adequacy of existing mechanisms to ensure representative democracy and participation.

Unit 2: Governing in UK. Here students are presented with an opportunity to get acquainted with main government processes in the UK. Understanding of such processes allows students to critically evaluate role and efficiency of key government institutions and relations between them in the context of the government administration.

Unit 3: Key Themes in Political Analysis. In the frames of this unit a student of Edexcel politics course has to learn of the four key topics of political analysis: British political questions, understanding of political ideologies, representative processes of the USA and structures of global politics.

Unit 4: Extended Themes in Political Analysis. This section broadens the understanding of key topics in political analysis. Students have to learn one of the four topics in detail: EU political questions, other ideological traditions, USA government, and global political questions.

Keep in mind that by only attending school classes it is not possible to prepare to exam in full scale. It is required to prepare during off-school hours with teachers or by yourself using Edexcel government and politics past papers. Due to Edexcel politics past papers you will get acquainted with the basic exam requirements, you will know what problems you will have to solve and what topics are essential. With such good preparation success during exam is guaranteed.