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The status of mathematics in a modern world is far from the one that was hundred or even forty years ago. Mathematics has become an everyday tool in research of physics, astronomy, biology, engineering, and organization of production and many other areas of theoretical and applied activities. Most of major doctors, economists and specialists in the fields of social research state, that the further progress of their disciplines is closely related with the wider and full-fledged use of mathematical methods than it have been to date.

For thousands of years of its existence mathematics came a long way, during which its character, composition and style of presentation have changed. From the basic concept of line segment as a shortest distance between two points, from subjective understanding about whole numbers within first ten, mathematics came to the development of many new concepts and powerful methods that turned into a powerful tool for nature research and flexible tool for practice. Practically all key topics of mathematics from its roots up until our days in one way or another are covered in Edexcel A level maths. From the primitive count using stones, sticks and notches on a tree trunk mathematics has developed into a vast scientific discipline with own research subject and deep specific methods. It has designed it own language, very economic and precise, which was especially effective not only within mathematics, but also in other areas of its use.

Mathematics is a significant and important part of human culture. Accumulation of mathematical facts during thousands of years of its development has lead humanity to the appearance of mathematics as a science around two and a half thousands year ago. It is worth noting that scientists who created mathematics viewed it as a part of philosophy that served as a way of understanding the world. It not a coincidence that quadrivium that was studied in Ancient Greece included arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music. About the importance of mathematics for humanity states the fact that the book "Elements" by Euclid was published the greatest number of times (not counting the Bible).

Mathematics has the richest possible impact on the development of a scientific outlook and achievement of desired cultural level. While trying to explain the environment, asking question „why?”, ancient philosophers-Sophists came to a necessety of highlighting mathematical knowledge into independent science. The history of the birth of the great mathematical ideas, the fate of the outstanding mathematicians give food to examples of selfless service to the science of mind and heart, leading to philosophical reflection and moral quest.

Logical reasoning represents one of the methods of mathematics. Therefore, its study forms logical thinking, allows establishing cause and effect relationships, which certainly should every person be able to do. Presentation style of mathematics, its language influences the development of speech. Every civilized man should have an idea about the basic concepts of mathematics, such as number, function, mathematical model, algorithm, probability, and optimization, discrete and continuous quantities small and infinitely large. We are talking about the basic concepts and ideas, rather than a specific set of formulas and theorems.

Edexcel examination board offers its students a wide range of subject for GCSE certificate. One of the most popular exams is Edexcel maths exam. It is included in the list of required exams of a large number of specialties.

In order to complete Edexcel A level maths it is required to have knowledge about main understanding of mathematics, such as number, function, mathematical model, algorithm, probability, optimization, discrete and continuous quantities infinitely small and infinitely large and various subthemes. All this knowledge can be obtained during classes. However it is well known that only 40% of material that is provided during classes is digested. Therefore completion of home tasks and work with Edexcel maths past papers is essential to receive a good grade. In maths Edexcel past papers are provided a wide range of tasks and tests, by solving which you will improve the level of your knowledge.

Upon the completion of of Edexcel math course a student will receive Edexcel maths GCSE certificate and will learn such qualities as:

  • Understanding of mathematics and mathematical processes
  • Ability to think rationally and find incorrect facts;
  • The acquisition of mathematical skills and attitudes, and their use in complex unstructured tasks;
  • Reading and understanding of mathematical arguments and articles concerning applications of mathematics;
  • the acquisition of skills needed for effective use of technology.