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2014.01 Edexcel Past Paper Psychology
Advanced Level A2
2013.06 Edexcel Past Paper Psychology
Advanced Subsidiary AS
Advanced Level A2
2013.01 Edexcel Past Paper Psychology
Advanced Subsidiary AS
Advanced Level A2
2012.06 Edexcel Past Paper Psychology
Advanced Subsidiary AS
Advanced Level A2
2012.01 Edexcel Past Paper Psychology
Advanced Subsidiary AS
Advanced Level A2
2011.06 Edexcel Past Paper Psychology
Advanced Subsidiary AS
Advanced Level A2
2011.01 Edexcel Past Paper Psychology
Advanced Subsidiary AS
Advanced Level A2
2010.06 Edexcel Past Paper Psychology
Advanced Subsidiary AS
Advanced Level A2
2010.01 Edexcel Past Paper Psychology
Advanced Subsidiary AS
Advanced Level A2
2009.06 Edexcel Past Paper Psychology
Advanced Subsidiary AS
2009.01 Edexcel Past Paper Psychology
Advanced Subsidiary AS

Psychology as a science and practice has confidently entered the life of the modern society. Having not yet started studying it as an academic discipline, you have already met psychological tests, psychological recommendations and comments on the actions of politicians, important people and events in popular press, television and radio broadcasts.

The first meaning of psychology for a modern specialist is practical. Psychology helps solving actual social problems. It teaches man to correctly communicate with managers, employees, co-workers and relatives.

Another meaning of psychology is developmental. Obtained psychological knowledge humans apply to themselves. For example, when one find out about temper, it types, characteristics than a person tries to determine what is their type. This topic is very well covered in Edexcel psychology past papers assignments. Thus, developing meaning of psychology also has a practical effect.

Third - cultural significance of psychology suggests that when a person seizes psychological knowledge, he seizes not only the culture of his people, but also other cultures.

The task of psychology as a science is to study the basic laws of mental life. Knowledge of these laws is required for every modern man.

Psychology helps the development of the Marxist-Leninist materialist worldview, i.e. such views on the world, society and themselves, which are truly scientific. Lack of knowledge in psychology can lead a man to the appearance of superstition, prejudice, misconceptions, and idealistic views on mentality. The task of psychology is to prevent the occurrence of these prejudices.

Studying psychology help man to understand other people better, to take into consideration their mental condition, to see positive and negative sides, to find out how and why individual characteristics appear in people, to establish contacts with people surrounding us.

Anyone, who seriously studies psychology can learn to better see their own strong and weak sides, receives an opportunity to work with themselves, to improve good qualities and overcome bad qualities. Knowledge of psychology helps people in the business and education activities by showing conditions of your understanding, memorizing, attention and cogitative activity. Psychology has a big influence on studying literature, languages, history and other social sciences that depict psychological life of man. Questions about the connection between psychology and other sciences can be found on Edexcel psychology past papers.

Psychological data is used in pedagogical science. Without knowing psychological characteristics of kids it is impossible to successfully engage in their training and upbringing.

In addition to general psychology, there are separate branches of this science. For teachers and educators in particular is very important knowledge of child and educational psychology. The need to stressing out and special development is explained by the fact that psychology of children is very different from the psychology of adults.

Child psychology studies the psychological characteristics of the child at different stages of its development. Educational psychology is studying the psyche of children in the process of educational work with them. It explores the psychological conditions of successful training and education of students.

The data of general, child and pedagogical psychology have to consider pedagogy (a science of raising children) and methodology of teaching different subjects at school.

In addition, there is a labour psychology, medical psychology, military psychology, art psychology, psychology of sport, engineering psychology, space psychology and other branches of psychology.

The task of any branch of psychology is to facilitate and improve work of man in the relevant types of work.

Edexcel A level psychology course has the following advantages:

  • Offers up to-date material for students and stimulates to subject studying. Specifications with the ongoing course have been compiled as a result of discussions between professors, students and other interested parties.
  • Designed in a way so that student could study most relevant topics to today, while at the same time receiving fundamental knowledge about psychology.
  • The course has understandable and connected material
  • For course preparation you will find a lot of psychology Edexcel past papers on our website.

A clear specification, typical for Edexcel/Pearson examination board on which is written the majority of Edexcel past papers psychology is as convenient for professors as well as it is convenient for students. Course sections include questions about key topics and definitions, practical aspects of psychology including the researches of psychologists and students and their value for society.

The main objectives, which should direct students enrolled in Edexcel A level psychology:

  • to offer relevant and interesting course that can be included in the educational plan of Key Stage 4;
  • to provide an opportunity for students to evaluate the psychological concepts in the solution of real problems;
  • to provide an opportunity for students to prepare on their own and evaluate their expertise by using psychology past papers Edexcel;

 to provide students with an understanding of the methodology and foundations of psychology use;